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Behringer BCF2000 / Automation


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Hi guys

Thanks for all the help thus far, I was just wondering if Samplitude supports the Behringer BCF2000 fader pack and BCR2000 Rotary Encoder control surfaces? Im interested if they are supported (I know the Mackie Control Universal works). And if so is anyone using them? and with what success? I have heard they can be quite annoying to get going.

Also what parameters are supported for automation within Samplitude? Is it just volume and panning or are there other parameters. I may move across from ProTools LE and would like to know what I may be giving up in order to get a more stable and better sounding program.

Thanks again

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Guest Kraznet

I had the BCF2000 for a while and it worked ok for fader and pan but didn't get much joy using it for plug in automation. Some have had success creating a template but to be honest realtime control of plug ins in Samp is no cigar at this time . VST automation is supported in Samplitude but but I think you would need to use the Learn feature of the Behringer to hook the two up and create a template . I stopped using the BCF 2000 in the end as I found that the Object Based approach of Samp was more flexible than creating fader automation for Volume and Pan . As far as I know there is no rotary controller that works 100% in Samp at this time although future improved integration has been hinted at . Sorry I can't be more helpful .



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