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Guest willsing

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Guest willsing

I'm eagerly awaiting my Sam 8 Pro and with it the opportunity to register to the larger forum. The demo works fine on my AMD XP3000 and Asus A7V600, but I'm going to want to record multiple 24/96 tracks with convolution reverb on a few tracks. This setup will have its limits.

I'm thinking about going AMD 64. I have heard that the N force 4 are not the best for certain firewire devices.

I could go with a P4, but...I guess what I'd like to know is what boards and CPU combos will give one the most bang per buck, with enough horsepower and stability to run the previously mentioned apps.

Any recommendations would be great.


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Guest sebastian.gabler


we have so far not made bad experience with Nforce4 chipsets. Firewire compatability depends on the firewire chipset in the first place. That is third party anyhow.

Our only recommendation is to stay away from cheap PCI integrations where SATA, IDE, Network or similar are integrated as normal PCI devices. All mass storage and network needs to be directly attached to the chipset or PCI-E/PCI-X or PCI-64 attached.

PCI bridges of third party controlers on motherboards can be identified by the part numbers given and the googling that partnumber or directly at the controler manufacturer website.

Please check that with the specs your targeted manufacturer publishes. If no exact specs are being published, I would recommend to stay away anyhow.



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