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Hello. I am buying Samplitude Version 8. I presently use Magix Music Studio 2005. I will be upgrading my sound card and was wondering if there have been any problems with either E-MU's 1212M audio interface or Sound Blaster's Audigy 2 ZS PCI card. Also, would Tascam's FW-1184 or M-Audio's Project Mix I/O have any advantages over the other? Lastly, are there any suggestions for a video card to support 2 monitors?

Thanks much!

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Guest sebastian.gabler


E-MU's 1212M audio interface

No known issues.

Audigy 2 ZS PCI card

ASIO doesn't work on that card up to V8.21. (The device mane didn't match the ASIO2.0 specs, too long) 8.21 should be fine.

Tascam's FW-1184

The later drivers are not working. We are currently investigating why. The earlier drivers work fine.

M-Audio's Project Mix I/O

Not specifically testet yet. However, AFAIK it uses the standard MA Firewire drivers, and these work fine.



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