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last question!


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Ok, sorry to pester with all these questions, but heres another issue....

Trying out a full version on a friends computer.....

I made a MIDI track, and a MIDI object on that track. I placed some notes in the drum editor that trigger samples in battery.

I made a one bar of drums, then built a "loop object" of it, and dragged the object to the appropriate length.

Now, I can change the tempo in the transport bar, or the time stretching object editor, and the drum track im using for a click chnges to the appropriate tempo no problem.

BUT, when I save the project and then re open it, the notes in the loop are out of place and dont play back in the correct time. If I then select a tempo, the notes in the loop reset themselves and play correctly, however then the tempo reading on the transport dosent represent the actual playback tempo.

Is there a way I can stop this happening? thanks.

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Guest FrankProposch

This is a known limitation of 8.1. With the current 8.21 time stretching is saved correctly.

Basically it is recommended to use tempo markers for tempo changes. The behaviour of tempo markers has been improved further with the soon coming 8.3 (free update for 8.x Users).



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