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ram/rap tracks


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Hi there,

Can ".rap" recorded files be saved within vip projects normally ?

Is this feature still supported ?, I remember using this feature the first time when i got my first Terratec ews88mt, the audio card was accompanied by "Samplitude Project" in the software bundle.

My PC MB/hdd's where quite slow & that unabled me to do much multitracking, but i did have quite a big amount of Ram for the time, then discovering ".rap" recording made things easy again ! I could record up to 8 mono ram/rap tracks all at once monitoring in real time with a slow PC and just hit save !

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Thank you for your reply, i still have a another question;

From the demo version it looks like ".rap" files can only be sved using the "Save complete vip" feature, or am i in error ?

I remember this being a straight ahead "save" option like all other files.....!

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