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How do I record the output of a plugin?


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Ive been trialling the demo of Samp again as im 99% certain im leaving the annoying world of ProTools behind and I really like how Samp works. However I cant seem to record the output of a track running a plugin so that I can have a 'printed' version of the track. This example might explain better what I want to do

Say i have an audio track that Im using to record an electric guitar, so I plug in my guitar to my DI and have the audio track pointed to the correct input and I can see my guitar signal, then I add a VST plugin like Waves GTR, then I select software FX monitoring, and now I can hear the real time effect of the plugin on my guitar. I now record that track. So in Samplitude I now have a clean guitar track that has the GTR plugin running on it, and if i remove the plugin i hear a clean guitar sound that I recorded straight in from my DI.

This is all ok so far, I have managed this much, however I am getting stuck at the point were I want to actually record the output of the guitar WITH the plugin to another audio track. This is obviously so I can use the plugin in real time to record with, then once Im happy with the sound I can then record the guitar with the plugin to another track so that I can save on resources and dont need to have the plugin running on say 5 tracks of guitars at once.

In ProTools I could just set up a second audio track, set the output of the first track with the plugin to say buss 1, then on the second track set the input to buss 1, and then record and then the second audio track would be the recorded output of the first audio track.

Im the Samp demo I can get the audio to route to a mix buss or aux send but I have no idea how to record the output as I cant set the input of another audio track / aux track or mix buss to anything other than a hardware input.

Would a destructive edit with the plugin work? I cant test that in the demo though, and I dont want to have to route audio out of my DAW then back in again just to do this

Could anyone offer any advice on this situation? Ive tried to explain it a simply as possible

Thanks in advance


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Guest Stephen

Thats the most easiest thing: Select the track with the recording and press ALT+SHIFT+F. It temporarily "prints" (freezes) the track with the plugin sound. If you later decide, to change the plugin settings, unfreeze the track and you get the clean recording plus the original realtime plugin.

You can of course bounce the track as a permanent - printed - solution. Select the track, open the bounce dialog, choose the options (only selected track, replace objects ...) and maybe save the settings as a preset ("my audio printer").

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