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Editing several Objects at one go

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Hi all!

I have a little question and I really wonder if this is possible with Samplitude:

Can I change e.g. the fade-in of several object simultaneously, at one go?

I'm asking because I have a track with a lot of kickdrum objects (all copies of the same original object), and now I'd like to change the attack-time (= fade-in) of all these kickdrum-objects at one go.

I know, if a copy of an object is located on another track on vertically exactly the same position, then editing the fade-in handle of one object (while having both objects selected) will affect the others, too.

But is this also possible, when copies of an object are located on different positions?

Or is there a way to create "Alias"-Objects (Objects that behave automatically like a given source object)? I guess not, right?

thx in advance

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Yesterday I found the solution myself... (actually very easy)

1. select the obejcts you want to edit

2. double-klick one of the selected objects to open the object editor

3. make changes in the corresponding fields in the object editor

After hitting "ok" the changes will affect all selected objects

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