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Samplitude V8 SE (in Keys magazine)


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This is about Keys' magazine's free version of

Samplitude V8 SE:

(By the way, great offer!)

Keys magazine says that activation for

Samplitude V8 SE can only be performed once.

The licence becomes invalid after hardware

changes but it can be restored.

Assume that I will build a new computer.

1) Is it possible to export the licence for

Samplitude V8 SE from an old computer to

a new one?

The algorythm could be something like:

a) uninstall Samplitude V8 SE on old computer

B) licence manager tells magix

that the licence is not used anymore

c) Serial is free for another installation

and activation on the new computer

If exporting a licence like that is not possible

(or will not be made possible in future update patches):

2) Would it be possible to have muliple licences

for Samplitude V8 SE, meaning:

Can I go and buy another Keys magazine to have

a second Serial in store for the new computer

or would the registration system object to my

entering of values that have already been

registered (e.g. my name, E-Mail-Address) ?



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