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Newbie needs help reg. CD production


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Hi everybody!

Glad I found this forum. It seems to me there are a lot of people here who are willing to share some knowledge ... which would be just perfect for me, since I'm an absolute newbie when it comes down to audio production, but I could reall do with some good advice here!

Over the next few months, I want to produce a few CDs which should have a fairly good standard. "Fairly good" because I will not have the means to invest in pro equipment, but as things go I want to make the best with the least possible means.

Here's what I want to do:

* CDs with mostly speech in combination with a soundtrack (like an audio book)

* Some sound effects in addition to that

Here's what I have so far:

* PC with standard (yuck!) soundcard

* Microphone with Ultra-Voice (preamp / soundprocessor)

* Audacity

I've actually managed to get a sort-of OK version with Audacity, but I hope using Samplitude could really improve the results a lot! As you might have noticed, my equipment is far from perfect - yet I need to produce sound files that can actually be published on CD.

What do you guys in here think - what's a good way of moving on?

* Should I get Samplitude, and if yes: Which version would do best for me?

* What program is most suited to generate some nice sound effects? (Magix Music Maker / Musik Maker deluxe)?

* ... any other hints you might give me?

I'm really looking forward to some constructive, usable input!



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Guest dan7

hi ollie,

please consider:

shit in shit out :-)

that means - none of the audio programs is gonna compensate for a cheap microphone, a bad preamp or a cheap onboard soundcard.

if the initial recording is bad quality , you will most likely end up with a tweaked bad quality recording.

I don´t know if you get the point.

So 1st see if you are ok with the quality you get with your setup, and then i ´d recommend the Samplitude SE - very nice esp. the object editing will work very nicely with your kinda project.

- For FX - there´s tons of freeware on the net which might get u there.

anyway - good luck with your project.

d :unsure:

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Hi Ollie,

Nothing will determine the quality of your recording more than the microphone, so make sure you have an ok sounding condenser mic.

Then get decent soundcard. Even a low end creative like an audigy or something will be huge improvement over onboard sound or a cheap generic card.

On software, Samplitude is the best tool around for audio mixing and editing. But it's only a tool, and a fairly complex one. So the more you learn about audio, the better Samplitude gets!

That's all I'll offer for now. When you're starting out with recording, it's very easy to be overwhelmed by too much info. :unsure:



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