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hardware requirements Samplitude v8


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I've read the computer system requirements for Samplitude v8 on the website, and I was wondering if this is indeed powerful enough to run the software to it's fullest or is there a better list of hardware to use. I want lots of tracks and lots of realtime effects. Thanks for the info.


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Guest Stephen

The V8 recommendations seems rather old. Times are changing and there is still only one rule: It´s never enough!

Choose a dual CPU - you will notice it every day in your work with the PC. Go for an Athlon X2 or the new Intel Core Duo 2 (Conroe) with 2 GB memory, the latest ASUS board with nforce5 and a modern and stable power supply and you are on the bright side of life.

HD: Samsung SATA silent drive(s) 250+ GB

GPU: ATI X700 (+) with dual DVI (digital output). Display: 2 x 23 TFT".

Audio hardware: Lynx, Marian, Motu, RME ...

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Guest redddog

Samp currently does not support dual core. But it will with Samp 9 which is due out in sept, oct, novemberish. So definitely go dual 'cause when Samp catches up with the dual core thing, it's gonna solidify itself as the best native audio program that ever existed.

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