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Midi Sync Recording in Samplitude SE and Samplitud

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update to the Midi Sync Recording in Samplitude SE and Samplitude V8

I've tried every possible combination of trying to record Midi data into Samplitude when it is being sync as the slave.....and it don't work!!!

By setting up punch in and punch out markers in Samplitude to record Midi, then starting the master both programs run in sync perfectly but Samplitude SE and V8 Demo refuse to record midi.

No problem when recording audio data but midi tracks are a no no.

I've tried my Cubase VST as master still no go it seems that Samplitude midi recording is a bit shaky.

Any ideas out there or anyone with the same problem.

Thanks again

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don´t know, if it has the same source of problem, but I can´t record midi too.

Starting the recording works fine. When it is stopped and I turn of the Record-button or the Monitoring-button, SAM 8 SE crashes.

I believe, that this might be a problem of synchronisation too. So far, I left the options for Synch where they were scince installation of SAM. Maybe it must be changed.

No help for you so far, but maybe a common problem.



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it seems to be a common problem, like you can see here:


I noticed that if you deactivate all others sources and select just one, then it will be recorded.

But that for me is quite useless since I need to record at least two MIDI sources at the same time....

I hope Magix will release a patch to fix this bug soon..

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