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Time Stretching In Sam 8.01

Guest lain

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Hi, I need help. When I am trying to make an mp3-track faster, Sam cuts it and inserts a silence.

It`s the original track:


Here is the options window:




and resault:


When i use algorithm "beat marker stretching" or "Standard", all is ok, but the sound is very dirty :lol:

And "beat marker slicing" keeps a good sound but cuts the track. Somebody help me!

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it`s a german version with an english language patch

Iain, I do not know if it possible to run that version as a legal copy. If so, it's the first I hear. Most propably, our friends at H2O or their likes would be the legitimate adresseé of a support question.

Anyway: if it is a legal license, it will be very easy to update to 8.31, register in the official forum and enjoy full support for it, if the issue isn't cured by the upgrade anyhow.



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