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New Samplitude Plugins Suggestion


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Hello everybody,

For my first post I'll put here an email I just sent to MAGIX and Sascha. I put it here because I can't post on the Samplitude related forum...

Let me know what do you think about these suggestions :D.


I read you blog recently, and I've seen the analog modeled plugins suite for Samplitude 9.

I must say : wow, can't wait to hear these plugins in action. But the missing elements in this suite are in my view a powerful analog mastering equalizer and a powerful analog mastering limiter with the same looking GUI as your new analog modeled suite, and with a great smooth warmth sound like original tube analog gear. That would be great !

What do you think about that ? Let me know...

Maybe for Samplitude 10, by the end of 2007.

PS : About the current design of the standard MAGIX plugins in Samplitude, it would be cool to update their horrible GUI if it has not been made in V9.


Julien K/BIDI

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K-Slash, I received your PM. Thanks for the proposals. :D

A quite unusual approach for an EQ (at least for a software plugin) is taken in am|phibia, currently. I've tried to build a box that's versatile and can be used to focus on completely different fields.

We have beta testers that even want to use it for mastering (that I haven't had in mind primarily). Funny thing is that the final fine tuning took place with mastering apps in mind while the main development was pretty much a 'coloring' approach. The filters (more precise: the active and passive baxandall types) are pretty gentle and perform quite different than the usual digital biquads you get with most of the other stuff.

Building a 'good' eq (whatever that is) needs not only knowledge but also tons of experience. You need to be in that business for a while to get a hang on 'good' sounds and to seperate the perfect algos from the ones that really lead to a perfect sound. Which doesn't need to be the same. I'm still trying to gain experience but I wouldn't say I have that already.

So I'd be curious to know how things evolve once am|phibia is out in the wild.

What comes next... I don't know right away...

About the compressors. I'd love to have a thing in Sam/Seq that feels like - as I said once in the regular Sam forum - an 'end monster' thing (I was refering to arcade games B)). But the thing is, we've got compressors all over the place now in Sam & Sequoia but we're not 'the compressor company', you know...

There already exist numerous tips & tricks to perform multiband compression/limiting based on am|track & the multiband dynamics/stereo enhancer and the limiter (which is still one of the best available). So one approach for us might be to combine what we've already got and put it together in an easy-to-use and inspiring fashion. Beautiful, maybe. But that decision isn't up to me and currently, we're heading for V9. So I can only note that down as a proposal, but I'm afraid I can't tell you more here & today.

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