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X64 / Vista With V.9 ?


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Hi all.

New to SAmplitude..running the se from compuer music, bu a long time logic / sx /pt hd3 user.

Wondering if Sam 9 will take advantage of what x64 has to offer as far as memmory.


even though im on se...this does look very serious....is samplitude a sleeper??

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Samplitude is a sleeper! I have been a Sam user for 9 years and love it. I get frustrated using other apps. I get clients bringing in projects in PT or Sonar and I bounce them to Sam as fast as I can. Once you get used to the way Sam is layed out it's very cool. I do not think Sam takes advantage of 64 bit, and do not think it will in the next version.



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Yeah my dads studio uses PT, and I have been an sx devotee fo a while but having seen demos of sam, it looks better for what I do. and the time stretching is like Melodyne without having to buy melodyne as well...thats really nice!

Looks like 9 debuts tomorrow, Ill see if I can do the for rent thing with 9. That mixer looks so easy to learn. Almost like my dads otari :)

I would ask about sam, but I would get.."oh, just get logic" answers...phooey!! :blink:

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