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Creating An Mp3 From Mix In Samplitude V8 Se


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Can this be done? I have Samplitude but cannot seem to find a way to create an mp3 file from my mix. I have recorded several audio tracks from my synths and can create the .wav file fine, but as we all know this is huge and I want to create an mp3 file.

Is there a way to accomplish this in my version of Samplitude?

Thanks all

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I ment what your version was. Thanks.

I am not sure, but probably there is no mp3 encoder coming with SE. The one used in the retail versions (Fraunhofer) creates "costs of good" per version according to the mp3 general licensing rules, this alone would be a good reason to leave it out for that economy version.

If it is there, you'll find it in the Export menue item.

If not:

It could be that you can add that feature shopping one online @ magix, or by istallling Media Player 10, but I am not sure about that. Better contact the hotline for details.



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Hmm - I checked for you - unfortunately mp3 encoding is not included in SE.

I can't imagine why but there it is (not)

So export to wave using tools/track-bouncing and the convert afterwards with a lame frontend.

For instance: http://members.home.nl/w.speek/multi.htm

Or read this thread:




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