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Saving A Volume Envelope When Duplicating An Object


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Yesterday I discovered how to adjust the volume envelope of an object by clicking the "arrow + Vol" icon in the toolbar. I felt like a sound engineer! :D I placed a wav of a drumloop in the VIP window and it sounded good except that it has one overly loud burst of static as a rythmical element. I managed to lower the envelope around the static and reduce the volume in a specific place. :D But how do I copy the wav while retaining the new sound adjustment? If I make a loop of the wav or I duplicate the wav the new sound adjustments don't appear in the loop or the duplicates.

Any ideas? B)

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How about this:

Activate the "link curve with object" button

(Now we copy the object after itself several times and the curve is copied also..)

select the object, then MENU range - manipulation - set range over selected objects (tip: set yourself a tooltip on this action - not possible with SE version though)

CTRL+C (copy)

[loop start]

CTRL+SHIFT+Arrow right to flip the range to the right

CTRL+V (paste)

This works fine here.



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